In order to ensure quality orthodontic care, it is imperative that our patients understand the manner in which we schedule our appointments. We value your time both as a parent and as a patient and make every effort to stay on or ahead of schedule. We understand that most parents work and all children attend school. Since the majority of our patients are of school age, it is unavoidable that some school be missed. Work and school excuses are provided and it is important for the patient to obtain these from our scheduling coordinators before they leave their appointment. For your convenience, we do offer late appointments on Thursday, and lunch hour appointments.

We reserve time in our schedule for you, in advance, to accommodate your busy schedule. We request that you give us the same consideration when needing to change or cancel your appointment. Our office policy is 24 hour cancellation notice prior to the appointment. A fee will be charged to your account for not honoring this policy. There is a $25 charge for each 1/2 hour of scheduled appointment time missed (For example, if you had an hour appointment scheduled the charge is $50, etc.)